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Pirates Puzzle and Hunt


With just a bit of sweat and ingenuity, treasure hunts can be adapted for a more "practical," bottom-line, purpose: that of helping organisations build High Performance Work Teams.


Meet the infamous Captain Rough beard as he and his crew bursts into your meeting room and takes the company General Manager as his hostage!

Hoist the Jolly Roger and begin the adventure!


Check out our Captain's Adventure here

The hunt is on; where will the hostage be found? Divided into sub-groups, Rough beards crew will arm each team with an old map and mysterious clues, to search for their boss and Rough beards Chest. Teams must decode each clue, navigate to its destination and solve the puzzle found at the site. Correct answers gain victory points for the team while incorrect answers just waste everyone's time (just like at work).

Hosted by F.A.M.E staff, The Hunt for the boss and Rough beards Treasure chest has a total treasure hunting and pirate theme throughout.The winning team will be the first to reach their beloved GM before Rough beard can say ... off with his head! Not only could you get a pay rise, your team will also take ownership of the contents of Rough beards treasure chest.

*Treasure for all! Conference coordinators are asked to provide the contents of Rough beards treasure chest. Eg: wine, chocolates, movie tickets, company gear etc

Clients are Saying...

“All of the FAME team were great and I would highly recommend the Masterchef event. Whilst this was not our first choice, everyone agreed that this was the best event that we have done as a team.”
ConMed Linvatec,

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