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Djembe Drum ‘Corpestra’ is a party of drumming and rhythm designed by our facilitators to bring laughter and fun with a renewed sense of unity, motivation, achievement and fresh energy.


Fun teambuilding workshop designed to bring unity, a new sense of achievement, working together for common goals, laughter, and loads of fun.


Everyone will have an authentic African drum, and items of percussion to play for the duration of the session. Our facilitators will present some group singing and hand and finger warm-ups, and then proceed to demonstrate and teach rhythm for melodic pulses that occur in African and Latin music, moving from calming mantra tempo into exciting dance rhythms.

Our goal will be to have a great drumming performance played by the “team” as an orchestral presentation.

Clients are Saying...

“Once again, you started our day off with a laugh! Just what we needed….thank you very much, we always get positive feedback from your sessions!!! ”
Prouds The Jeweller,

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