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Building Hope

Our Building HOPE Teambuilding Events are uniquely different. Not only are they a great catalyst for creating fantastic team dynamics within a shared group experience, they’re also events that make an incredible impact in the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves. Psychologists believe one of greatest human needs is to be able to help or benefit others. Through our Building HOPE Teambuilding events, participants get to do just that. 

Building HOPE events engage groups by giving them the task of assembling various items that are later to be given away to people in need. Items can range from children’s bicycles and playground equipment, through to general household furniture. The aim of assembling the items for them to be given away can be announced on commencement of the event, or it can be kept as a surprise and revealed at program’s end. During the event, participants form small working groups to complete the various tasks required.

Tasks Normally Include

  1. Assembly of Items
  2. Creation of Gift Cards & Packs
  3. Sales/Marketing Campaign (creation of advertisement acted out by designated working group)
  4. Preparation & Delivery of 'Hand-Over' Ceremony

The event culminates in the very moving experience of ‘Hand-Over’. In a special ceremony, items are presented direct to recipients, or representatives of selected charitable organizations. It’s what takes place during this part of the event that brings real HOPE to both participants and recipients alike that lasts well beyond the day of the program. A powerful and fulfilling experience for all involved!


Clients are Saying...

“All the feedback I have received has been exceptionally positive. Thanks again for a brilliant job on the Year 9 camp. ”
St Andrews Anglican College,

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