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Conference Energisers and Ice Breakers

Our facilitators are often called upon to conduct energisers and ice breakers for a variety of different reasons. Time and again when a group comes together from all over the country things can feel a little ‘icey’ therefore we ‘break the ice’ by facilitating some fun activities that help people to get to know each other and feel more relaxed with the group dynamics.

On the other hand when the group are looking sleepy or simply ‘not into it’, this is when we bring on the energisers to increase energy and enthusiasm levels! Ice breakers and energisers will keep your group focussed and enthusiastic for the conference duration.

You will be surprised how a little bit of fun throughout the conference meetings will not only ensure your employees stay alert and engaged but will also inspire your team to look forward to future meetings with a sense of anticipation and expectancy.

Clients are Saying...

“Excellent variety of activities, catering for all fitness levels. Challenging both physically and mentally. Well organized. Location was spectacular! ”
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