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Throw your Boss off a Cliff!

Lauralee Berrill - Thursday, July 02, 2015

No experience necessary, beginners to advanced... all you need to bring is your sense of adventure!

Now is the time to be inspired, if Adventure doesn't do it... maybe Art will?

Check out the 2015 Corporate FAME Program for some fresh ideas on how to inspire your staff towards greater passion for the company!

CorporART is a fun filled event for all. Feel free to do some ‘free stylin’ with paint splatters hurled at the canvas… this, I believe, is known as ‘abstract’.                 The workshop is overflowing with entertainment that draws on every team members strengths, everyone contributes with: brainstorming, visualizing, drawing and painting.

Abseiling is adventure-based teambuilding at it's best! Whatever, wherever, with abseiling it is inevitable that your colleagues will support, encourage and motivate one another as they step out of the ‘comfort zone’.                                                           After a day of abseiling you will have been fully engaged in a process that will stretch your perception of what is possible for yourself and your company.


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