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Teambuilding Raft Regatta

Lauralee Berrill - Friday, February 26, 2016

Radical Raft Regatta - what is it?

A program designed for teams to work in competition with one another, the objective is pure FUN! Although teambuilding naturally developes within the sub-groups ;-). Our Radical Raft Regatta is conducted on both the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast.

How does it work?

The collective group is firstly divided into separate teams. After a series of energiser activities and a short briefing, each team is then required to complete a series of challenges against the other teams, usually in a round robin format. Each challenge completed will earn points (or dollars) for teams, which accumulate after each round. At the conclusion of all the challenge rounds, teams will be exchanging points (or dollars) in an auction scenario in order to purchase materials required to construct a team raft. Once the auction is complete, teams then begin construction of their rafts in preparation for a regatta.

Specific rules relate to the construction of the team rafts and the actual regatta itself. The event normally requires teams to paddle their rafts over a looped course with a designated number of laps to be completed. Rafts are constructed to float at least 2 - 4 team members at a time. For large groups, team crews take it in turns to paddle their rafts the required number of laps.






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